Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Favorite Posts & Something New

Happy Half-Birthday to Beki Cook's Cake Blog!
We celebrate half birthdays in my house... well, my boys' half-birthday anyway. Otherwise all of the gift-giving happens between October 26 and December 25, and they have no summer toys ever. So, I'm celebrating the half-birthday of my blog today.

To celebrate, I'm announcing a new feature on the blog. I'm creating downloadable or printable versions of my most-popular and favorite blog posts. One of the things I'm unhappy with on this site is how much scrolling I have to do when I go to make one of my recipes. But I'm not willing to give up the photos to make it easier. So, I've decided that I will make it easier for myself, and for you.
Here's an example:
There is a small catch, of course. Each printable will be available for $1 through PayPal. I've been told that this won't work, and none of you will want to do this, but I'm hoping those people are all wrong!

You'll find my 10 most popular posts listed below (as ranked by the number of pageviews since this blog began). Those with printables available will have a prompt for you to go to PayPal, which will alert me, and I will email you the .pdf file. I will also add more to some other popular posts, but that will probably take me a little time.

#10 Royal Icing Recipe

#9 Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

(I will add a printable version of this by next Christmas.)

What is your favorite post? Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite.

Thank you for supporting my baking habit!

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