Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Make a Valentine's Bouquet of Cookies

Making a bouquet of cookies is not hard at all. If you can make sugar cookies, you can make cookie bouquets.

I took these cookies on the local news yesterday (2/12/12) morning, to demonstrate how to make one of these bouquets... and we ran out of time to show you completely, so here is a step by step.

What You Need:
Cookie "Pops"
Flower Pot or other decorative bucket or basket
Dried beans or rice
Styrofoam disk the same size as the opening to your pot or bucket
Paper Shred or Tissue Paper

Start by making your cookies on thick treat sticks. (Click the link to see my cookie pops tutorial.)

When the icing on the cookies has dried, assembling the bouquet is simple. Start by filling the bottom half of your flower pot or bucket with dried beans or rice. This acts as a weight to keep it from tipping over... if you just stick a piece of floral foam inside, the weight of your big ol' cookies will tip your pot over.
Top the beans with a piece of styrofoam.
*If you happen to have a block of foam around, by all means, use that, but put some dried beans around it for the weight... and you may want to duct tape or glue it to the bottom of your container.

From here, you just need to poke the sticks of the cookie pops through the styrofoam and arrange them as you like. As you can see, I like my arrangements a little more "sparse." I think you can see the cookies better if they're not all squished in there together... but everyone has a different opinion. Arrange it as you like!

Top it off with some paper shred, or tissue paper, something to hide the styrofoam... and you're all set!

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