Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Shower Bee Hive Cookies

A friend asked me if I'd make some bee and hive cookies for a baby shower she was planning for her sister.

They turned out really cute, and they weren't as hard as I had thought they might be.

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough
Royal Icing
Yellow and Black Icing Colors
Bee & Hive Cookie Cutters
Medium-Large Treat Bags
Ribbon for tying

The cutters I used came from an online store called Karen's Cookies. They were bigger than I'd anticipated. So, to make a collection of 20 hives with 3 bees each, it took me three batches of my Vanilla Sugar Cookies.

Decorating wasn't all that hard. You need outline and flooding consistency icing for yellow, black and white. (Even with three batches of cookies, I still only needed one batch of the royal icing. I was sure I'd need more. I had lots of leftovers.)
You'll want probably 2/3 of your icing in yellow, with the rest split pretty evenly between white and black... maybe a tad more white than black.
*Note: Click my Royal Icing Recipe to get tips on getting the right consistency... and I will have another post coming out about it soon. For tips on getting black icing, click over to this post where I talk about how to color icing.

For the bees, I outlined the head and body with black, adding antennae with the black outline icing, as well. I outlined the wings with white, but I bet they'd look just as good outlined in black, as well.
I added yellow lines inside of the bees' bodies to make the stripes less likely to run or bleed.

Fill in the bees, allowing some time for each section to dry before adding the next color.
For the filling in, I worked in groups of about 20 bees so that by the time I got done with #20, the first ones had set enough to move on to the next color.

To make the bee hive cookies, I tried outlining each section, but found that what's pictured above worked better and quicker. I made a general outline, then filled in alternating sections.  I gave those about 20-or so- minutes to dry, then added the sections between.

Allow them to dry overnight.

These were favors from the baby shower for a Mom expecting a baby boy, so I wrapped up one hive with three bees in a large treat bag, and tied them up with a blue dotted ribbon.

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  1. Those are really cute ! We are looking forward to your cupcake class!

  2. These are SO cute! I am going to use them as Valentines with a tag saying "Will you "bee" mine?"! Thanks for the instructions! : )

  3. Adorable. Where did you get the bee cookie cutters from? Thanks. Kathy

    1. I believe I ordered them from

  4. absolutely adorable! talented you! I'm intimidated but will -try- to do for neice's ba-bee shower!


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