Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tip for Tuesday - Crumb Cup

What's so special about this glass? It keeps crumbs out of my cakes.

That's right! Want to keep your cake from picking up crumbs? Just keep a "crumb cup" nearby. I prefer pint glasses because they're heavy-bottomed, so they don't fall over when you load a bunch of icing on the side, or when you stick the spatula inside of it.

When you find a crumb in your icing, or on your spatula, just wipe it into the crumb cup. Why not wipe it on to the side of your icing bowl? Because you forget. You forget that that blob was the crummy blob, and that blob was the non-crummy blob.(And everyone has a crummy blob now and again!)

The Crumb Cup-- today's Tip for Tuesday.

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