Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tip for Tuesday - Cold Cookie Dough

If you've ever used my Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe, you know that it calls for the dough to be rolled, then refrigerated for 30 minutes to an hour before you cut out the cookies.

Sometimes, I like to fudge that. When I'm busy. When I'm impatient. When I just don't feel like following the rules. But I've learned why you actually do want to let the cookie dough get cold before you cut out the cookies.

When you're using cookie cutters, it may not matter as much, because, as a general rule, they make a pretty clean cut.

However, when you're making your own cookie template... that's when it matters. (Click the link to see my complete tutorial on making your own cookie cutter templates.)

If you allow your cookie dough to be anything but cold, and a little hard-to-cut, the edges can get "ruffled." You can see in the photo above. The cookie on the left has a ruffled edge. It was not as cold as the cookie on the right.

I didn't think it mattered much when I was cutting out these cookies. But I was really frustrated in the end when you can still see the unclean edges on the decorated cookies. (Look at the tops of the cookies.)

So, that's today's Tip For Tuesday: Refrigerate cut out cookies after rolling and before cutting to get the cleanest possible edges.

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