Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cookie Decorating Kits - Perfect Holiday Gift!

Here's a fun holiday gift idea for you...

A cookie decorating kit for your friends and family.
Combine the icing, the sprinkles and the cookies all in one place... it's perfect! And perfectly fun.

What You Need: (for 3-5 kits)
(I will describe each in detail below with recipe links)
Cut-out cookies
Buttercream Icing
3-4 bottles of sprinkles
Disposable icing bags*
Mini treat bags *
*Available at craft stores

The Kit:

I wrapped my kits in small basket bags that I found at the craft store. Another easy idea would be some of the cute, plastic holiday food containers you can find by the foil and plastic wrap at the grocery store.

The Cookies:
In each kit, I include one dozen cut-out cookies, baked:
Vanilla Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies
Gingerbread Cookies

The Icing:

I recommend making an icing that doesn't need to be refrigerated:
Decorator's Buttercream Icing

Color the icing according to whatever cookies you include. (Green for trees, white for snowmen, etc.)
I bagged the icing in disposable bags, which you can buy in the cake decorating section at a craft store. (Do not cut the bags for tips, the idea is that they will snip the end off of the bag and use it to decorate.) Tie the back of the bag closed with a twist-tie.
(I admit, I cut about 2 1/2 inches off the back of the bags to shorten it, and make it easier to package.)

The Sprinkles:
Oh, sprinkles, how I love thee!
I packaged up three or four different kinds of sprinkles in each kit. I put them in the 'mini treat bags' that you can buy, again, in the cake aisle at the craft store. Just put a teaspoon or so of each kind of sprinkles into each bag, and tape or staple them closed.

Add a little note. (Click here to print the note I included.)
Wrap it up. Spread some holiday cheer!

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