Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Beach Cookies

School's Out... Finally!

I made these summer beach cookies for my kids' teachers and helpers at school.

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But there's something extra cool about these cookies. The backs are imprinted with "Beki Cook's Cakes."

My sister bought me this awesome rolling pin for my birthday (a few weeks ago). I love it!
(Though, if I could change one thing, I wish it lined up so that it read vertically as well as horizontally. If you read down, it says Beki Cakes Cook's... but that's just the OCD in me.)

I also made these special cookies for my first grade "graduates."

And my little guy worked so hard... he made all of these cookies for his teachers... all by himself. (I may have helped with the writing on the medal cookie.)
Can you tell what they are? -top left- Sunshine, "design," beach ball, medal, fish, white board with math problems, Thank you with confetti, rainbow and "design."

Happy Summer!

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