Thursday, September 20, 2012

Personalized Fall Cookies

My Dad called me a few weeks ago and asked if I could make him some special cookies for an "autumnal equinox party." (Yes, that's my Dad, he has parties for the autumnal equinox.) He said he wanted to send his guests home with personalized fall cookies.

They're really pretty simple, they just take a little extra time if you want to add the sprinkles to the outlines. I love the acorns the best.

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Sanding sugar sprinkles
Piping Bags with Tip #1 or #2
Paper Plates (for sprinkling)

*If you have never worked with Royal Icing before, I recommend checking out a few other of my cookie posts to give you an idea how to make it work. I didn't take as many photos of these cookies because I just needed to get them done and out the door.
(See here: Royal Icing Recipe- has a lot of how-tos and tricks. Beach Ball Cookies is another good one.)

To make the cookies that have just the accents sprinkled... you want to flood the cookie first, and allow it to dry. It can not be tacky to the touch at all. Mine probably dried 2-3 hours before I added the accents.
When the flood icing is dry, add the outline, accents or letters over the top.

To add the sprinkles, set the cookie on a large, flexible paper plate. Pour the sprinkles over the top of the cookie.

Gently pick up the cookie to dump the excess back on to the plate.

Use a food-safe paintbrush to remove any extra sprinkles. (These do get easier to remove as the icing dries... BUT if your cookie's base icing is at all tacky, be sure you remove the extra sprinkles now, or they're not coming off!)
I also recommend NOT doing as shown above. Set the cookie on a clean plate to dust off the extra sprinkles. When you do it this way, the back gets all sprinkly, and you have to dust that off, too, and it's just a pain!

When you do that, sometimes, you might even break off the 'stem,' and that one has to go to the "eat your mistakes" pile. ;-)

To Make the Acorn Cookies:
I said above that I love the acorn cookies best. I think they're the cutest. And they weren't hard.

Start by outlining and flooding the dark brown "cap," and immediately cover with brown sanding sugar (sprinkles).
I found that I could outline and fill about 4 cookies before I needed to sprinkle them, without the icing starting to get a little set and making the sprinkles patchy on top.

Allow that icing to dry for an hour or so... and use a food-safe paintbrush to remove as many extra sprinkles from the bottom half of the cookie as possible.
Then you'll outline and fill the bottom half with lighter brown.

You'll want to let that icing dry for a few hours... just like I described above with the leaf cookies before you add your accents.

Happy Autumnal Equinox! (It's Saturday, in case you're planning a party yourself.)

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  1. And they are just what the Doctor ordered!!!

    They're PERFECT!!!

    Dad xo

  2. We are one of the recipients of the cookies. They are beautiful and equally delicious!
    Marianne Levenson

    1. Thank you very much, Marianne.
      I'm glad you enjoyed them.
      - Beki


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