Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leftover Halloween Candy Brownies

With two six-year-olds in this house, we have entirely too much Halloween candy left over long after the holiday.
Last year, I made cupcakes with the candy. This year, I went simpler-- boxed brownies and chocolate frosting all mixed with a healthy dose of leftover chocolate.

I took these to a meeting over the weekend, and they went over like gangbusters. A lot better than the bowl of leftover candy someone else brought. (Somehow people just want the candy more when it's baked into something else!)

What You Need:
Leftover Candy (I used a total of about 15-20 candy bars, M&Ms, etc.)
Box of brownie mix
Eggs, oil (or butter), and water according to package directions
Chocolate Icing (you could use a canned icing here, too, to make it easy)
  (I used some leftover cream cheese icing, and added about 1/4 cup of cocoa powder)

To make these-- super easy:
Chop up your candy...

Mix the brownies according to the package directions, and add in the chopped candy. (I didn't chop up the M&Ms or Reece's Pieces in the brownies, but I did for the topping.)

Pour the candy-mixed batter into a pan (again, according to the package- size 9x9 or 9x13), and I like to line the pan with parchment paper because the caramel candy bars tend to get gooey and stick like glue.
Bake according to the package directions. (Mine was 29 minutes at 350-degrees, but it's a smaller package.)

When the brownies are cool, remove the whole batch from the pan, with the parchment paper.
Spread chocolate frosting on the top.

Sprinkle more chopped candy over the top- pressing lightly to get it to stay.

Cut into small bars, and enjoy!

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  1. I think I gained 5 pounds looking at this! It looks amazing:) Great way to use those leftovers!

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  3. Just a note... a friend tried these and said she used too many candies with caramel in them, and the brownies stuck to the parchment.
    Genius that she is, she smashed them into "brownie balls" and dipped them like cake pops. I intend to steal her idea for next year.
    But the warning may be to try not to use too much caramel-filled candies.
    - Beki


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