Friday, April 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Cookies

There's nothing like treats to make a teacher feel loved and appreciated... especially homemade treats.
(Even though one of my kids' teachers told me early in the year that she didn't eat too many homemade treats. She then revised that, after I brought her a few. Now, she doesn't even wait until the kids leave the classroom before digging in!)

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe
Chocolate Roll-Out Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing
Coloring (Green, Brown, Black, Red, Blue)
Piping Bags and Icing Tips #1, 2 & 3
A ruler and knife or pizza/pastry cutter
For the stars, I used a star cutter, and this gold sprinkling sugar from Williams-Sonoma.

I love making cookies that are simple shapes. Round, rectangle, square. You don't need fancy cutters, you just need a ruler and a knife or a pastry/pizza cutter.

To keep your lines, straight, measure and mark the dough on two sides, then line up the ruler with the marks, and cut above the ruler. (I hold the ruler in place with my other hand, but needed that hand for the camera here.)
I made these cookies 3.5" x 2.5"... so they took about 10-12 minutes to bake.

Coloring the icing for the chalkboards was probably the hardest part of this project. It took me three different kinds of green coloring to get the chalkboard color... and a whole lot of brown coloring, with some black added in to get the outside edge.
(Click the link to see my tutorial on How to Color Icing.)

Everything on these cookies is simple. Round tips, fill in, writing. That doesn't mean that they go fast, but they're not too hard to do. Just remember to let the green dry for a while (30 minutes or so) before adding the brown. Otherwise, if you accidentally overflow the outline, you'll end up with the two colors running together.

For the notebook paper... the hardest part on these was keeping my lines straight.
I was pretty worried about that before I added the black and red writing, but once you "write" on the paper, you can't tell that the lines aren't perfect (unless you really look closely).

Add the blue and red lines to the paper immediately after flooding the cookie so that they can sink in to the icing. Then, wait a while (at least 30 minutes) before adding the writing, if you want it to stand out above the paper.

The gold stars were simple... Outline, flood, immediately dump gold sprinkles over the top.

When they're all dry, you can bag them up, or arrange them on a platter, and send them out to the teachers who make your life easier!

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  1. cool...I think you had done a great job. I don't see any imperfect line... all I see only what a great and special gift.


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