Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What does THAT do?! - Bismarck Tip

The Bismarck Tip, (Wilton's #230), is a fabulous tip. This is what you use to fill cupcakes—or Bismarck doughnuts, if you’re so inclined. And once you’ve made filled cupcakes, you just can’t go back to plain, boring cupcakes again!
Wilton’s Bismarck tip does not fit on a coupler, which can be kind of a bummer because if your cupcakes are dense, it can push the tip back up inside the bag and make a big mess. Ateco’s Bismarcktip says it fits on a standard coupler. (I’ve never tried it.)

How to use it:
Using a disposable pastry bag and a thin filling (pudding is perfect), insert the Bismarck tip about halfway into your cupcake. Squeeze.
It will take you a few tries to figure out just how much filling is getting in there. So, you’ll just have to split a few in half, and eat the rejects. (Bonus!)

*Tip: Hold the cupcake in your hand when filling it. You can feel the bottom of the cupcake start to “puff” when you’ve got enough filling in there.
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