Swim Team Cake {Fondant-Free}

An adorable, fondant-free cake (or Cupcakes) to celebrate your favorite swimmer.

Brown Butter Chocolate Ganache Cake {Recipe}

Browned Butter makes everything better. This cake is no exception. It was supposed to have a beautiful Ganache drip... I failed, so it looks like this.

1-2-3-4 Cake with AMAZING Brown Butter Icing {Recipe}

I was on a real Browned Butter kick there for a while. This cake is very rich, but also very good!

Flourless Chocolate Cake {Recipe}

This chocolate cake is GLUTEN-FREE and still received rave reviews. It was so rich, so tasty. It tastes like the best parts of a brownie.

Easy Strawberry-Rhubarb Cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

A very, very simple cake that tastes amazing! You can substitute many flavors for the strawberry or the rhubarb to match your taste.

Easy Cross Cake - How-To

Perfect for Easter, First Communion, Confirmation and more. This Cross-Shaped Cake is easy to make at home with just a 9"x13" rectangular cake pan.

Easy Minecraft Grass-Block Cake

If you have elementary-aged children, you know about Minecraft. This is the easiest Minecraft Birthday Cake around.

Easy Halloween Eyeballs Cake

A super quick Halloween cake idea that's easy on the eyes... get it?!? Simple fondant eyeballs make a fun and spooky cake for Halloween.

Spy or Secret Agent Birthday Cake

For my boys' eighth birthday party, we had a spy kids theme, so I made this super simple magnifying glass cake.

Rose-Covered Cake Tutorial

This cake is a new favorite. It's beautiful, and it's not hard to do. BUT... it does take a ton of icing.

Quilled Flowers for a Simple Wedding Cake

I don't do wedding cakes...
But I did do this one for my baby sister's big day... and I love it (and her)!

Tree Trunk or Tree Stump Cake

Okay, so I love this cake... like L-O-V-E love it!
I was jumping up and down around the kitchen when I finished it, I was so happy with it.

Easy Baseball Cake

A super simple baseball cake sure to please the whole team!

Easy Cookies & Cream Cake {Recipe}

This cake got rave reviews from my children and husband. The icing is a little different, but it is so very good! 

Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Ruffles, elephants, and best of all... gray icing!

Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake {Recipe}

This ice cream cake combines chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream frosting.
So rich and so worth it!

Orange Cream-sicle Cake {Recipe}

During a recent bout of strep throat in our house, my boys decided that they would live on the ice cream treat, orange creamsicles. That meant, of course, that I would need to turn it into a cake.

Ruffle Cake Tutorial - Valentine's Day

Ruffle cakes are so, so pretty. And honestly, I expected them to be harder than they really are. The biggest challenge-- having enough icing!

Cowgirl Birthday Cake

A cowgirl-themed birthday cake for twin girls... one insisted there be a cow on the cake, and one insisted there be a horse. So, we ended up with this.

Easy Ruffle Cake

Ruffle-covered cakes are very popular right now. The problem with a lot of them is just the amount of time it takes to do them. Not this one!

Red, White and Blue Cake - [Banana Split Cake]

This Banana Split Cake is amazingly tasty and also beautiful. I will admit that it's not the quickest or easiest cake to decorate because of all of the colors.

Lemonade Cake with Strawberry-Lemonade Icing

Happy Birthday to Me!
My husband decided that for my birthday this year, he would take my Strawberry-Lemonade Cupcakes, and turn them into a cake.

Cinco de Mayo- Mango Ruffle Cake

For Cinco de Mayo this year, I opted to go away from margaritas and towards some other Mexican-inspired flavors.

Half-Birthday Half-Cake

Celebrate more often with this fun cake!

Easy Superhero Birthday Cake

A special friend requested a little 'different' kind of cake for his 6th birthday. He wanted Green Lantern, BUT he was having a party at a pool, so he wanted Green Lantern... swimming.

How To Make a Basket Cake {Video}

The basket weave is one of those techniques that takes a little bit to learn, but once it 'clicks,' you can whip out a cake like this in 30 minutes flat!

How-To Make a Petal Cake

The 'petal effect,' like you see on the side of this cake looks amazing, but isn't really all that hard to achieve. Give it a try!

Chocolate & Vanilla Polka Dot Cake

A chocolate cake with vanilla polka dots on the inside and on the outside.

 "Wild About You" Easy Monster Cake

How about a hairy, purple Monster to say I'm Wild About You, Valentine!?!
This cake is super easy! It's perfect for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, whatever!

How NOT To Make a Polka Dot Cake

I saw a cake like this polka dot one on Pinterest. I didn't want to buy the cake pop pan she used to make hers, so I decided to try some other options.

Easy Christmas Wreath Cake

A fun, easy Christmas cake:... a Holly Leaf Wreath Cake.

Sprinkle Sprinkle Cake in the Pioneer Press

The sprinkle/sprinkle cake. Sprinkles on the inside, sprinkles on the outside! Awesome!

Pink with Sprinkles (Easy Birthday Cake)

When I asked two special little friends what kind of cake(s) they wanted for their birthday... their response: "PINK! with sprinkles."

Easy Monster Cake

This cake is so easy that it will take you maybe an hour to complete. It only takes two icing tips and three colors... if you count white as a color.

Monster Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to my two little monsters! This cake is the opposite of the easy monster cake above.
This "Backson" birthday cake was at least 6 months in planning.

S'Mores Cake {Recipe}

You can have S'Mores all year round with this very sweet, very sticky, very s'mores-y cake.

Pecan Turtle Cake Recipe

It's all here. Chocolate, Caramel, Pecans. Yummy turtle cake.

Monkey Cakes: How to Transfer a Picture to a Cake

If you want to copy a picture from an invitation or logo on to a cake... here's how you do it.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake

Chocolate? Good. Strawberries? Good. Chocolate AND Strawberries?? Goooooood!

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

A delightfully moist and flavorful carrot cake covered in cream cheese frosting yumminess. (Includes recipe variations.)

Half-Birthday Half-Cake

This rainbow cake for my guys' half-birthday took me less than 3 hours total, including baking, making icing, decorating, etc.

Easy Pink Strawberry Cake

I made this pink, pink, pink cake for my new baby niece. It's really easy to do and super PINK!

Chocolate-Banana Cake Recipe

This cake is the combination of two really yummy recipes. I took it to a meeting with me, and it was gone within 10 minutes!

How to Make a Firetruck Cake

When my good friend asked me to make a fire truck cake for her son, I obliged, knowing it wasn't exactly my "wheelhouse," but her son is my guys' best friend, so how could I say no?!

Buttercream Heart Cake

I have an easy Valentine's Day cake for you today. Total time to prepare your icing and decorate this one is probably less than 30 minutes.

Neapolitan Cake

It's the best of all worlds, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. And even better, I made it using one cake mix, and just one batch of icing.

Banana Split Cake

My cupcake version of this Banana Split Cake is one of my favorite things I've ever created (in the kitchen, anyway). So, I decided I needed to make a cake-sized version.

Super Easy Valentine's Cake

I made this cake a few years ago, when I was pretty new to fondant. Even so, the total decorating time was less than 45 minutes. It's so easy. All you need is fondant and nesting heart cutters, and you're set!

The Most Ridiculous Chocolate Cake Ever

Here it is: The most ridiculous chocolate cake ever! (Don't let the candles throw you, that is 6"x8" of pure chocolate, butter, sugar goodness.)

How to Ice the Corners of a Cake

Covering square and rectangular cakes with icing can be a little challenging the first few times you do it. I know it was for me.

Royal Icing Cake Decorations

When a friend asked me to make first birthday cakes for her twin girls, inspired by their favorite stuffed animals, I used royal icing... just like you would on a cookie...

Fondant Snowflake Cake

Isn't it so peaceful, this sparkly little snowflake cake? It's what a snowy day is supposed to look like.

Simple Christmas Cake

I originally saw this idea on cupcakes, and thought it was just awesome. So, I tried it.

Dark Chocolate
Mini Cakes

If you love chocolate, then you must have cakes made with ganache for a filling or frosting or both... like these!

Rich Vanilla Cake Recipe

I spent years, seriously, years, looking for a good scratch vanilla cake recipe.

Chocolate-Strawberry Mini Cakes

When I first made this strawberry icing, I said I couldn't wait until I put it on a chocolate cake. Oh boy! I was right. It is so yummy!

There is No Shame in Using Cake Mix

Let's be honest, cake mix rocks! It does. It's SO easy. It's almost foolproof. You don't need a lot of ingredients on-hand to make them taste even better.

Pretty Pumpkin Cake

I think this would be an awesome addition or substitution for a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Simple Jack-O-Lantern Cake

This easy Halloween cake idea requires no special decorating tools other than a spatula!! It may not be as elegant as some, but it's cute, and so easy that your kids can do it, too.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake

I don't really make cheesecake. But what if I put it in the middle of a cake? Now you're talkin'!

Delicious Pumpkin Cake Recipe

This is one of my favorite recipes, both for cake and for cake pops. But I warn you, it makes a large batch!

Tie Dye Cake (aka How to Marblize Fondant)

My boys are really in to tie-dye, and I had some leftover colored fondant from these beach ball cupcakes, so we decided to make a tie-dye cake.

How To Cover a Cake with Fondant

I always get nervous when I have to cover a cake with fondant. It's not that it's so hard, it's mostly that you don't have a lot of room for error.

Caramel Apple Cake

To me, fall means two things: pumpkins and apples. For now, it's all about the apple. Caramel Apples.

Cheery Cherry Cake

This cute, cherry-covered cake is not hard to make, and it only uses three icing tips.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cake

Here is a super easy, but incredibly elegant cake you can do with no decorating supplies except for a spatula!

Chocolate Lover's Cake

This is the chocolate-chocolate-chocolate combination that my favorite chocolate lover loves.

Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake recipe takes a few extra steps and a little more time than using a box mix. It is a decadent, rich cake that will have everyone begging you for the recipe.

Cake Decorating 101 - Easy Birthday Cake

Making and decorating a homemade birthday cake can be really simple if you have the right recipes, a few tools, and some easy-to-follow instructions.

How to Ice a Cake

It's one of the most basic parts of cake decorating. Getting the icing on the cake... and keeping the crumbs off.

A Monkey Walks Into a Bar...

It's not a joke... it's a really yummy cake.

Easy Beach Ball Cake

This cake is very easy to decorate. You can make this cake without any decorating tools other than a cake pan!

The BEST Banana Cake

Who needs banana cake? Why mar a cake with banana??
I thought the same thing until I made this cake.