I'm Beki. And yes, my last name really is Cook. I didn't plan it that way, but it's worked out pretty well for me.

I have been decorating cakes for a long time. I remember having sleepovers as a kid and always baking something with my friends. I got more serious about it when I took the Wilton classes in 2001, shortly after I got married. (When you get married you're supposed to do domestic things like that, right??)

I then started teaching Wilton cake decorating classes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area about 5 years later after my boys came along. I wanted to stay home with them, but needed a job and a creative outlet that didn't involve Raffi, Melissa & Doug or anything else for the under 5 set. Then, I found out that I love teaching cake decorating... way more than I like making cakes for other people.

I started this blog in 2011 after I started teaching some community education cake decorating classes and private cake decorating parties and workshops. Now that I create my own projects and classes, I can share with you my recipes, tips, tricks and ideas.

I always love to hear from readers. Please leave a comment on any post if you love it, hate it, think I missed the boat, whatever!

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