Monday, October 10, 2011

Tie Dye Cake (aka How to Marblize Fondant)

Okay, so I don't think this is the world's cutest cake, but my boys are really in to tie-dye, and I had some leftover colored fondant from these beach ball cupcakes, so we decided to make a tie-dye cake. Plus, this will show you very vibrantly how to marbelize fondant.

What You Need:
Fondant in various colors
Iced cake, on a board the same size as the cake
Rolling pin
Rolling mat
-or parchment or waxed paper and ruler

Decide how much fondant you will need for your cake. (Here's a link to a chart from Wilton, giving you an idea what you need.)

Then, you need to knead each color until it's soft and pliable. If you can pull in pint-sized helpers for this part of the job, even better!!

When they're all soft, and don't break when you fold it, make logs of each color, and set them in a row.
*Note: If I had a do-over, I'd add 2 or 3 logs of white just because it got so swallowed up by the darker colors.

Then twist the colors... you can see the ones I didn't knead enough, because they crack and break a little. If you want really smooth colors, knead, knead, knead.

When the colors are mixed a little less than you want it to look on the cake (because they will mix a little more when you roll it), form the fondant into a disk.

Roll the fondant on a rolling mat (or parchment paper taped to the counter top) greased with a generous layer of shortening. (Click this link for a step-by-step tutorial on how to cover a cake with fondant.)

To get the fondant on the cake, I raise the cake a few inches off of the surface with a bowl or pan that is an inch or two smaller than the cake. I place my entire arm underneath center of the fondant under the mat or paper... and try to center it by the cake.

Then, I commit and flip it over onto the cake, and peel back the mat/paper, and hope I lined it up properly.

I smooth the fondant down the sides of the cake, trying to move the wrinkles to below the bottom of the cake board.

Then, cut the excess fondant with a pair clean kitchen shears or scissors, allowing the top blade to brush the underside of the cake board.

Finally, just tuck the little edge underneath the cake board.

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