Friday, October 7, 2011

Which Fondant Is Best?

This post is a shortcut, a cheat sheet to my Great Fondant Comparison post... in which I detail my taste test to discover which fondant available to me is the best tasting, easiest to use, and best looking on a cake.
To read the entire post, including seeing the score sheets from each of my 8 taste testers, please click here.

In short, I covered each of 5 cakes with fondant. I purchased three brands, Pettinice, Satin Ice and Wilton, and I made two myself, a homemade scratch fondant, and a homemade marshmallow fondant. Below you will find the winners of each category and the final winner. (Again, all of the scores and details can be found here.)

Ease of Preparation: Wilton 
Cost/ Availability: Homemade marshmallow fondant 
Ease of Kneading/ Rolling: Satin Ice
Ease/ Success on Cake:Tie between Homemade scratch and Satin Ice
Appearance: Satin Ice
Taste: Homemade scratch fondant
Texture: Homemade scratch fondant
Overall:Tie between homemade scratch fondant and Satin Ice

In the interest of full disclosure: NO ONE paid me anything or provided me with anything for this test. I am a Wilton cake decorating instructor, but they didn't give me anything either.

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