Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Edible Thanksgiving Activity for the Kids

I remember kind of dreading big family holidays as a kid. I try to make them a little more enjoyable for my kids. (But I know I don't always succeed.)

Here's an idea to entertain the kids, and let them create something cute for their own dessert. (That way, there's more pie for you!)

What You Need:
Refrigerated Pie Crust* or Pizza Dough, rolled thin and baked
1-2 cups Royal Icing (You could use tubes of icing, but it wouldn't dry as well.)
Candy, marshmallows, cereal, sprinkles (I used what was in my pantry. This is one of those 'use what you have' kind of projects.)
Piping Bags with tip #5 or #7 

*Note on store-bought pie crust: Almost all of the refrigerator pie crust that I can find contains lard. I am a vegetarian, so I don't eat lard. Be kind to your herbivore friends and check if the pie crust you use contains lard. (The kind at my Aldi store does not contain lard.)

I started out by baking the pizza crust and letting it cool. I made one recipe of royal icing (which was WAY too much for the 4 turkeys we made), and put it into icing bag bullets. (You could use a zip-top baggie and cut a hole in the corner if you don't have piping bags on hand.)

Then I piped an outline for a turkey. (It would also be cool to do a cornucopia.) I let that dry for about 15-20 minutes.

I gave each kid his own small cups full of decorations (colored marshmallows, candy corn and M&Ms).

I let the kids share the icing bags to use as their glue.

I told them that the cups of decorations were theirs to either eat or use on their turkeys, but they didn't get any more when those were gone.

One guy ate more than he decorated, but whatever!

You know, thinking about it, if you wanted to "healthy it up" a little, you could use cereal instead of candy for the decorations, and thin out some cream cheese or use peanut butter for the "icing." Hmmm... next year, maybe.

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