Monday, November 28, 2011

Fondant Strawberries

I have a feeling we will see these cute little strawberries a few times next spring when it's actually strawberry season. They're easy to make, and I think they're just adorable.

And they look great on top of these Chocolate-Strawberry Mini-Cakes

What You Need:
Red Fondant
Green Fondant
Strawberry Flavoring
Powdered Sugar (for dusting surface)
Parchment Paper
Gum Paste modeling stick or toothpicks
Small Blossom or Star Cookie or Fondant Cutter
Clear Vanilla and food-safe paintbrush

Start by either coloring your fondant, or buy one of the multi-packs that have both red and green in it. Flavor it using strawberry flavoring oil. (I use LorAnn brand oils, which I can buy at the fancier grocery store around, at a candy supply store, or online, of course. And you just need a tiny, tiny bit of this favoring. It is very strong.)

To make the strawberry, roll a small amount of fondant into a ball the size you want your strawberry. I wanted them rather small since they'd be topping small cakes, so mine were about the size of a shooter marble.
(And yes, I know I have the hands of an 80-year-old woman. I have since I was a teenager. I have no idea why my hands are so wrinkly. I think maybe I should ask a palm reader. Maybe it's because my life is so very interesting... hmmm... maybe not.)

Then, using one finger against about half of the ball, roll it over your palm to shape it into a cone shape.

Using either a gum paste tool, or a toothpick, if you don't have one, poke tiny holes or dots all over the berry. If you're really dedicated, you could even use yellow nonpareils sprinkles in the little dots. I'm not that dedicated.

To make the top, roll out your green fondant to about 1/8" thick. (Thickness doesn't matter too much here, but if you make it too thick, it can look kind of funny.)

Cut it out with a very small flower, star or snowflake cutter. I used a calyx cutter from Wilton's old gum paste flower kit.

Using a food-safe paintbrush, brush the back of the green strawberry top with either clear vanilla or a little water. (If you don't have a paintbrush, you can also dip your finger in the water and just get the top a little wet. That will make it stick well enough.)

Position the berry over the top, and secure it. (It's fine if you let the berries set a little before adding the tops, that helps keep you from smashing the berries or ruining the dots, but don't let them get completely hard, or it's hard to do the next step...)

 Using the toothpick or modeling stick, poke a hole in the middle of the top of the green part.

If you're going to add stems or vines, that's where you'd add them.

Then, you just need to let them dry completely-- I placed them in a plastic container with the lid slightly askew. If you put it in an airtight container, it will not dry.

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