Thursday, December 15, 2011

100th Post & A Giveaway! - Contest CLOSED

100 Blog Posts! I can't believe I've actually written 100 Blog Posts in less than 5 months! Let's celebrate with a trip down memory lane, and a giveaway.
The contest is now closed. The Winner is announced below.

First, I bring you my top 10 posts.

#10: The Great Fondant Comparison 
 This post took a lot of work, but it was really fun to do, and I think the results were interesting.

#9: Pumpkin Cake Pops
These suckers are good! And they're really not that hard to make-- compared to other cake pops.

#8: The Icing Bag Bullet
Best trick EVER! I don't know how I went more than a decade in cake decorating without knowing this!

#7: Caramel Apple Cake
I loved this cake. It was so perfect for fall.

#6: How Long Do Cake Pops REALLY Take?
They're not quick, people. And the more time you set aside, the better they'll turn out.

#5: Back-to-School Apple Cookies
They're just so cute.

#4: Beach Ball Cake Pops
These were not as easy to do as I wanted them to be, but they're so cute!

#3: The Cupcake Swirl
The cupcake swirl is an easy technique that anyone can do. It makes bringing treats for anything so much cuter.

#2: Chocolate Lover's Cake
It's chocolate, filled with chocolate, topped with chocolate. What more could you ask for?

#1: Banana Split Cupcakes
These were a surprise hit for me. I love these cupcakes. I would eat 5 every day if I could.

Now, for why you're really here... The Giveaway! (Now Closed)
THE WINNER IS #1- Lisa!! Congratulations, Lisa!

To celebrate my 100th post, I will be giving away these two student kits for Wilton Cake Decorating classes. They each sell for about $35. Hopefully, you can use them to join me in a class. If not, you can always give them as a Christmas gift to someone who may want to take a class, or you can take a class somewhere closer to your home, or you can just enjoy the $70 (or so) worth of free cake decorating supplies!

Check that out! All of this is included in these two kits! (Click the photo to enlarge it.)

To Enter: Sorry, the contest is now closed.
You have three chances to enter.
#1- In a comment below, tell me how you would use these kits (would you take a class?).
#2- Like Beki Cook's Cakes on Facebook. In a comment below, tell me that you do.
#3- On Facebook, share the link(s) to this post on your own page. In a comment below tell me that you did.

The Details:
This Giveaway will be open for entries until 11:59pm (Central Time) Friday, December 16, 2011.
You must be a U.S. Resident to enter. Only comments entered here, on Blogger, will count. Facebook comments can not count. You must not comment anonymously. (I can't tell who you are and tell you that you won if you do that!) The comment number will be pulled from a hat by an unbiased 5-year-old Saturday, December 17, and I will then contact the winner.
Please note: If you do use these kits to take a class with me, you will still have to pay for tuition. Because students must register through the JoAnn store (in Edina), I can't give you the tuition free. Sorry.

The Fine Print: These kits are mine. While I am an instructor for Wilton, they did not endorse this giveaway or pay me in any way to provide it.


  1. I'd love to take a class - you inspire me to do so! Unfortunately, it can't be with you. :(

  2. I like Beki Cook's Cakes on Facebook

  3. Lisa is cheating by putting up 3 comments! That had better only count as one entry. ;)

    I love the WHOLE blog, but the one I learned from the most (other than just using your recipes all of the time) so far is #3. I finally learned how to not make an ugly cupcake! Thanks Beki.

  4. I already liked your FB page, but I am also sharing the link now!

  5. I work in a nursing home and would love to try and make some of your recipes to into work for the elderly. Thanks Tracy Brooks for showing me this site.

    Trudy Bizeau

  6. I liked you on Facebook and also shared your link

    ; 0 )

  7. I liked your FB page a while ago and have loved your posts! I even made the pumpkin cake pops for my son's school Halloween party!

  8. I would love to take a cake decorating class! And if I am the winner here I will definitely be inspired to make it happen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Beki, I would LOVE to take one of your classes! I manage to muddle my way through birthday cakes, but could stand to learn the basics. Plus, I just love your stuff!

  10. I also shared the link - need to spread the love!

  11. I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, but have never gotten gutsy enough to attempt flowers. They make a cake so beautiful, so I'd love to have the tools to learn how to do it!

  12. I like Beki Cook's Cakes on Facebook!

  13. Shared the link on Facebook!

  14. Congrats on the 100th post. I'd use these to learn some new techniques. Even if I couldn't make it to one of your classes. I'd like to take one of your classes. Maybe I could talk my family into purchasing a few classes for me for my birthday again. (That's how I got started) Or don't you offer private cake classes. I have a few people who'd probably be interested in coming.

  15. I've already liked your Facebook page. I wish I could do it again for you. So I liked your 100th Blog post instead.

  16. I've shared your link on FB. Oh by the way. I tried the Chocolate Cake the other day and it went over very well. Thank you :)

  17. I'd use the prize to make treats for my co-workers. They are always amazed at my baking skills. Using these would make my treats even more beautiful.

  18. I liked you on facebook a while ago after I was at a cakepops home demonstration with my sister.

  19. I shared your post on facebook.

  20. I'd love to take a class! But even if I can't fit it in with my bizarre overnight schedule, it would all be helpful in making the stuff I obsessively copy from your blog.

  21. I would give them to my sister and ask her to make treats for me. :)

  22. Can't wait to read your top 10 hints when I have more time. The cupcake swirl intrigues me the most.

  23. I would use them to decorate the sugar cookies that I just made from your blog! I love to see what you have been up to and wish I had a few extra hours to play along.

  24. I would love to win these kits and experiment with all the do-dads in the boxes! I live in Michigan and won't be able to take a class with you but I enjoy your cake designs and have successfully create some of them myself! Thanks for simple designs that look fabulous!!!

  25. Not entering the contest, but do want to congratulate you on your blogging achievement.

    I would have rated the Great Fondant Comparison as #1. Huge amount of work with great results. Icing bomb has to be #2; it works great for loading mashed potatoes, too.

    She is an excellent instructor; I'm thinking of signing up for the Advanced Flowers class the next time she teaches it (too busy this winter to attempt it, and I need much more practice on the other coursework first.)

    The classes are great fun, folks.