Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Easy Valentine's Cake

I made this cake a few years ago, when I was pretty new to fondant. Even so, the total decorating time was less than 45 minutes. It's so easy. All you need is fondant and nesting heart cutters, and you're set!
(Sorry there are no photos here of the process, it was a few years ago, and I just ran out of time to recreate it.)

What You Need:
One 8-9" cake, iced
Approx. 1.5 pounds white fondant*
Red Gel Food Coloring
Nesting Heart Fondant Cutters

*One box of Wilton fondant (the most readily available is 1.5 lbs. But you can click this link to see my "Great Fondant Comparison" where I put 3 store-bought and 2 homemade fondants to the test).

Start by covering the cake with fondant. Then, color about a golf ball-sized piece of fondant red, and another pink. Roll the fondant to about 1/8" thick. Cut one heart with the largest cutter. Position the medium-sized cutter inside of the large cutter, cut out that one, leaving the large heart outline, and then cut the smallest heart out of the medium. Alternate the colors of the outlines to create the patterns you see here. If necessary, you can brush the backs of the hearts with a little clear vanilla extract to help them stick.

This cake would also look great if you just ice the cake with your favorite icing, and put the fondant cut-outs on that. Then you'd be talking about a really, really easy cake!

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  1. hi i love your cake ;). i live in suriname,i also bake cakes.


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