Thursday, February 9, 2012

Did You See?!

Remember this cake?!
My husband's birthday cake... the one I dubbed "The Most Ridiculous Chocolate Cake Ever?!" The one I gave him tons of grief about making. The one I slaved over for more hours than I care to admit? The one that combined five. different. recipes. (when you count the crust and the whipped cream).

Turns out it was a pretty okay thing that I made that cake. Because that cake led to this:
The St. Paul Pioneer Press has published the entire recipe and photos in today's Eat section. I'm pretty excited. It's my first time having a cake recipe published anywhere other than on this blog.

If this is your first time visiting my blog, thanks for checking me out. Not everything I do is as ridiculous as that cake! (I'd say almost nothing I do is as ridiculous as that cake.)

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- Beki

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  1. Brilliant - well done you! Such is the power of the internet, you just never know where it's going to lead...


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