Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Easy & Cute Cake Pops

I made a rainbow of cake pop colors this week... they're going along with another project that you'll see soon... but I had to share them because they're so easy to decorate! And the sprinkles cover up almost any imperfection.

Misshapen cake ball? No problem Cracked candy coating? No problem. Not smooth finish? No problem!

All you do is cover the cake pop in white candy coating... as I explain in detail here on my How to Make Cake Pops Tutorial.

Then you use sanding sugar to completely cover the cake pops. I needed a third hand, so I didn't get a picture of this step, but I just pour the sprinkles over the pops letting the excess fall into a bowl... then pour it back into the bottle for the next pop.

And voila! It's a rainbow of cake pops. So easy and so pretty!

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  1. I shake the sprinkles over a flimsy paper plate that will bend when finished. The bent plate directs the sprinkles back into the bottle....I warm the Candy Melts in a little bitty Crock Pot....Ever heard of a Salton hot tray? It has a warm setting which i will try if i can find it in the garage. I got it long before you were born, i image. They were popular before microwaves were invented. thanks for your tips. diana clarke

  2. this looks and sounds fantastic great idea and amazing execution. FAB!!!!!!!!


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