Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day or Mother's Day Cupcakes with Kids

I've seen pictures of cupcakes like these all over the Internet, and on various grocery store check-out magazines. I always wanted to try them. Then I thought, what a perfect project for two little boys to show their teachers how much they appreciate them.

What You Need:
Mini-marshmallows (about 20-25 per cupcake)
Icing (any kind will do)
Sugar sprinkles in pretty flowery colors

Two 5-year-olds (not pictured)

These really aren't that hard, although getting them "perfect" was harder than I expected. Thankfully, 5-year-olds have a different definition of perfect than 30-somethings.

All you have to do is spread (or pipe) some icing on top of the cupcake. (I recommend white. I thought green would look nice, but I think white would be better.)
*Note: DO NOT put too much icing on top. When you press the marshmallows in, and especially when little hands do it, the icing squishes to the side a little. My first one (the all-pink one above) totally squished out of shape.

Then, allow the children to cut the marshmallows in half, and shake them up in a baggie filled with sugar sprinkles. The sprinkles stick only to the cut spots. It's great!

Then, they can arrange them as they like. This guy was working very hard to make a pattern.

Can you spot it?

This guy... not quite so precise. But they're still perfect!

If you want them to be a little more like a great flower, cut the marshmallows at an angle so that you get a point at the top... like so.

When you drop them in the sprinkles, be sure that no two marshmallows are touching.

Arrange them on the top of the cupcakes so that the 'flat' part sits against the top of the cupcake.

But I think the 'less-than-perfect' look created by someone as cute as this guy is just what any Mother - or Teacher - would love!

*Note: Keep in mind that marshmallows do get hard pretty quickly, so you don't want to make these too far in advance.

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