Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Girl Shower Cookies

One of my best friends is having a baby very soon. This will be Baby #3, and see, I'm Baby #3, so I know that Babies #3 deserve lots of pomp and circumstance, too. So, I threw her a surprise diaper shower... even if I was the only one who listened and only bought diapers.

I was a little stressed last week, and totally pushed for time, so the photos are pretty lacking for these cookies. I apologize.

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough
Royal Icing
Pink & Green icing colors
Baby Bodysuit Cookie Cutter
Tip #2

Make and bake the baby onesie cookies.

I then outlined all of the cookies in white icing with a tip #2. I liked the contrast on the green and pink ones outlined in white.

All of the decorating, flowers, dots and lines were made with wet-on-wet flood consistency icing. That makes the cookies dry with completely flat icing.
You need to apply the decorations as soon as you finish flooding the shape. Do not wait at all. That does mean that you need to do each cookie one at a time, but I think they look pretty cool when they're totally flat and uniform.

You can see in the background of some of my (not-very-good) photos that I also made this "diaper cake." My original plan was to make a "diaper cake," then a real cake that would look just like my diaper cake. But my friend has gestational diabetes, so she couldn't eat the cookies, and the real cake would just be mean to taunt her with.

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  1. Keep blogging away, it is a great outlet and at the very least will help you capture your food memories .



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