Friday, June 22, 2012

Play Ball! Baseball Cookies

I wondered the other day to those of you who follow my Facebook page... if I had two little girls... instead of two little boys... or even just one little girl, would this blog have a lot more pink, tutus and princesses?

Well, it doesn't really matter, I guess, because I have boys.
I have to tell you, in the realm of things to make... baseball cookies... pretty darn simple!

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough
Royal Icing
Large, round biscuit (or cookie) cutter
Red Coloring*
Piping Bag fit with Tip #2

*Note: See my post about How to Color Icing for some tips on making a dark red color. It can be a real pain!

These cookies really couldn't be more simple. Make your cookie dough, and cut it into large circles. (My favorite recipe for sugar cookies is here. These won't spread and get all funky-shaped.)

Bake them, and let them cool. (The big 3" circles took a little longer-- about 11-12 minutes to bake instead of my regular 8-10.)

I let the boys help me fill in the white icing - since they were treats for their baseball team, so I went ahead and outlined them with a Tip #2. If you're doing this without 5-year-old help, you could probably skip the outline if you're careful with your flood icing.
(Click the link to see my post about Getting the Right Royal Icing Consistency.)

I let the cookies dry overnight, then I made the outline for the stitching using the same cookie cutter.
*Two notes here: 
  - I tried free-handing the stitching, and it wasn't rounded enough, so the outline was very necessary for me.
  - I didn't wait overnight for some of the cookies to dry before I tried to make the outline, and it resulted in a very frustrating crack in the icing. If you have the luxury of time, be patient. Wait until the cookie is dry before making your outline.

Add the stitching using a Tip #2 and red icing. I preferred the V-shaped stitching over the straight laces. But you can see here my various options for ideas.

To make the rounded stitching like on the cookie above, think of making a horseshoe-- with a waistline pulled in. (I like throwing a few of these in with the regular ones. I think they give the group of cookies some character.)

To give them to the baseball team, I bagged each one in a medium-sized treat bag and stapled the tops. If I were more dedicated, I would have made some cute little bag toppers, but with the week I've had, between almost breaking my hand with a camera, and a storm that knocked out power for the better part of a 90+ degree day, I think this is sufficient.

Play Ball!

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  2. Beki....

    Do you have any advice (perhaps a future blog post) regarding bleeding of dark colored icing on to light colored icing. I had a really unfortunate "happy face" incident where my smiley faces looked progressively goth and the black bled on to the yellow on over time.

    1. I don't have too much trouble with bleeding. I've noticed that bleeding tends to happen if you have to add a dark color when the light color is still wet. Like with these, I waited until the white was totally dry before adding the red. I think that kept it from bleeding.
      Also, adding as little coloring as possible is the best. Coloring dark colors the day before helps you to see what it really looks like. This "red" looked dark pink when I first made it and bagged it up. It got darker as it sat.
      Good luck!!
      - Beki

  3. These look great...I have 4 girls and one boy..I could apply this to softballs and baseball's. Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)

  4. Do you think you can freeze them after they're frosted?

    1. Debi,
      You can!
      - Beki

  5. About how long do these take? I was thinking of making these for about 50 players, and wanted to know how much time I should set aside

    1. The actual work would be a few hours, but there is a lot of waiting in between steps. You will need the time to chill the dough. And you will need a few hours to overnight for there icing to dry.
      - Beki

  6. Beki, these look tasty and fun. With opening day here, treats like this are great to bring to the park! Thanks for sharing!

  7. A tip for next time: when you make your red Vs for the stitching they should be facing opposite directions. One row like ^ and one row like V. If you look at a real baseball, you'll see what I mean.

  8. Hello:) I am making cupcakes for my son and want to do this baseball idea. Should I still wait for the icing to dry before doing the red stitching? I am just gonna use regular vanilla cake icing...not sure ehow well this is gonna work but lol I'm sure gonna try lol

    1. If you're using royal icing, yes. With regular buttercream, you're probably fine to do the red right away. The longer you wait, the better chance it won't run.


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