Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donuts for Dads on Fox 9

Big day! Lots of donuts! An excited six-year-old! We're heading to Fox 9 this morning to show off my Jackson's donut-making abilities for Father's Day.

Click here to go to the Fox 9 site to see the video there, if it doesn't show up well here.

If you're visiting to find the recipes I mentioned on the show, here's a list of links, or you can scroll down the main page, and you'll find them all from the last week.

'Healthy' Homemade Donut Recipe
Easy Donut Recipes from Cake Mix
Crazy Chocolate Donut Recipes

Best Donut Frosting and Glaze Recipes 
Strawberry Powdered Sugar Donut Recipe

And click the links here if you're interested in taking a Cake Decorating Class or hosting a Cake Decorating Party or Workshop.

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