Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rose-Covered Cake Tutorial

This cake is a new favorite. It's beautiful, and it's not hard to do. BUT... it does take a ton of icing.
I first saw a cake like this on the blog of another Minnesota baker, iambaker.net.

What You Need:
Cake ;-) (I used 2 layers of 6" round cake.)
   - How to Make Cake Mix Taste Homemade
6 cups (or more) Buttercream Icing
  - Recipe for Decorator's Buttercream Icing
Piping Bag and Tip #1M

Honestly, this cake is not hard to make.
You can make it!
Start by covering the cake with a thin layer of icing. It doesn't matter if this icing is smooth, covered in crumbs, anything. You just want the icing on the cake to match the roses.

You will use a lot of icing! This cake took 6 cups. I would be sure you have at least that if this is your first attempt. I have found that new decorators tend to use more icing.

Load a piping bag with Tip #1M (the same tip you'd find in a cupcake kit or use for Cupcake Swirls).
Hold the tip straight away from the surface of the cake, and make a tight spiral. When you're working on the sides, it will be pointing at the side of the cake. When you're working on the top of the cake, the back of the piping bag should be pointing at the ceiling.

Start at the bottom of the cake, and work your way up.
If the roses overlap a little, that's fine, and adds texture to it.

I brought this cake along when I visited a local television station to talk about Simple Special Cakes. Click here to check it out if you'd like to see the video of me showing how to make the swirls.

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