Monday, April 18, 2016

Divergent Dauntless Chocolate Birthday Cake

First, I admit to knowing nothing about the Divergent books or movies.
But, when a friend asked if I could make a "Dauntless Cake" for her son's birthday, I looked up many ideas online, and came up with this.

What You Need:
8-9" round Chocolate Cake
  (I used my Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe, but you could also make Cake Mix Taste Homemade)
1 recipe Chocolate "Cloud" Icing
Dark and/or Milk Chocolate Bars
1 cup Decorator's Buttercream Icing 
   (I used Yellow, Red and Orange.)
Piping Tip #3

Bake and cool the cake.
Make the icing.
Cover the cake with a "rough" layer of icing. This does not need to be smooth.

Break the chocolate bars into uneven pieces. Grate some of the dark chocolate over the top of the cake.

Using Tip #3, pipe flames around the edge of the cake. I piped all of the yellow first, then the orange, then the red over that.
Tip: Dye all of the icing yellow. Pipe those flames, then add some orange dye to the leftover icing, do the orange. Then, add red dye to the leftover orange to pipe the red. This will help with using less icing, and having less leftover. Also, starting with an orange will make the red color easier to get.

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