Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Ball Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a good friend's daughters' birthday party. I liked them, and wanted to make them again.

What you need
Standard-sized cupcakes
1 recipe Marshmallow Fondant
Blue, Yellow & Red coloring
- (or one box primary-colored fondant and one box white fondant)
Biscuit cutter or round cookie or fondant cutter, a little larger diameter as your cupcake
Rolling pin
Waxed paper or a rolling mat
Shortening for spreading on rolling surface

To color your fondant, you'll want to use gel-based food coloring. Always use a new toothpick to add coloring to the fondant. To keep as much coloring off of your fingers as possible, fold the coloring inside the fondant before you begin kneading it. You can see in the last picture that you will still get some coloring on your hands. It won't stay there... for long.

When working with fondant, you always want to protect it from drying out. I wrap each color in plastic wrap so that it can stay pliable while I work on the other colors.

To roll out your fondant, you will want to spread shortening on your waxed paper or rolling mat. If you use waxed paper, I recommend taping it to the table or countertop to help keep it from moving while you roll.

Roll the fondant to 1/8" thickness, that is about the thickness of a nickel.

Cut as many white circles as you have cupcakes to cover.

Cut about a third as many of each color: red, yellow & blue. (If you've colored your own fondant, you may notice the red it a little more squishy. Add some powdered sugar to bring it back to the right consistency.)

You will then need to cut the colored circles into 6 smaller shapes. I try to line them up so that I know the cuts will be similar. Why? Because you need to puzzle them back together on the final cupcake, so you need the cuts on each circle to be similar.

Puzzle together different colors of the cut-outs on a white circle- leaving room for white areas as well. 

Re-roll the now-assembled beach ball shape to the same 1/8" thickness.

Using your circle cutter, cut out the beach ball shape again.

Apply it to the cupcake. If your beach ball doesn't want to stick, you can apply a thin layer of frosting, or brush the back of the beach ball with clear vanilla extract to help it stick.

Add the small "button" of white to the beach ball- using water or extract to help it stick. (Cut out the buttons with the larger end of an icing tip.)


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  1. Thank you for these directions! I am making these for my son's pool party theme birthday.

  2. Great beach ball cake and cupcakes! Love them! I just had to include them in my round up of beach ball ideas for pool and beach parties!


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