Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Bake when You're Busy: A Timeline

When I have to prepare a lot of desserts, or bake a cake that will require a lot of decorating time, I try to break down my work into smaller pieces... and spread it out over days, or even weeks, if I need to.
Here's how I made it work for the four different desserts I made for the chocolate party (which was a Saturday night).

Weekend before: (1-2 hours)
Grocery Shopping.
Make & Bake Cardamom Cookies. Cool and Put in the Freezer in Freezer Bags.

Monday or Tuesday: (1 hour - with 30 minutes waiting while it bakes.)
Bake Chocolate Cake. Cool. Double Wrap with Plastic Wrap. Place in the Freezer.

Monday or Tuesday: (1-2 hours)
Make Fondant Strawberries. Allow to Dry for 2-3 Days. Do NOT Store in Airtight Container.

Thursday or Friday: (2 hours)
Bake Vanilla Cake.
Buy Fresh Fruit
Make Strawberry Icing (not ganache, as it needs to be made when it's going to be used.)
Take Chocolate Cakes out of freezer.

Friday Afternoon/Evening: (1-2 hours)
Assemble/Decorate Chocolate-Strawberry Mini Cakes

Saturday: (3-4 hours)
Make Ganache
Assemble Vanilla Cakes
Temper Chocolate  to dip cookies and fruit
Drizzle everything

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