Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basketball Cake Pops -- Kind of

Sure. Basketball Cake Pops. No Problem. Dip 'em in a little orange Candy Melts... use a toothpick to give 'em a little texture... use chocolate to make the lines... No Problem.


More like struggle, cuss, scream, and get two that look only semi-decent out of a batch of 2 dozen. Alas! I'll have to watch my final Big 12 Tournament (as a member of the Big 12) without pops that resemble basketballs.

... and to think I told the children that they couldn't help me with these because I needed them to look right. Karma!

PS- The problem was with the lines. I just could not get good, straight, reliable lines - as you can see. Maybe you have steadier hands and can do it? If you try, let me know! As for me, I'm washing my hands of the whole kit-n-kaboodle now. I'll go back and look at the Pot of Gold Cake Pops. Those make me smile.

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