Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Madness In Cookies

Who's Your Favorite Team??

This NCAA Basketball Bracket, made completely of sugar cookies, was SO fun to make... well... okay... it was a lot of work. Writing and straight lines are two of my worst decorating abilities, so it was really hard to make. But I'm so proud of it.

I'm planning to fill in my cookie bracket later in the week... but I don't think these poor cookies will survive the entire tournament, to eat them off one-by-one. I may see if I can freeze them between rounds, but I'm not sure they'd survive, with black on white. I fear they will bleed something awful when they thaw out. We'll see!

To make the bracket, I used my Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough. (I doubled the batch.)

I cut the cookies using a ruler and a pastry/pie cutter. I made mine 3/4" tall by 2" wide.

I then iced them with Royal Icing. Allowed that to dry, and added Tip #2 lines, and Tip #1 team names and seed numbers.

I "glued" them to a large board, about 30" x 28" using royal icing.

I used 128 "bracket" cookies, but made about 150 for misspellings, and other snafus.

I used a round cutter and orange icing to make the basketballs.

Do you fill out a bracket for the tournament?
I just started doing it when I got married. My in-laws have a 25-year-old tradition of competing against each other for the right to choose a dinner out. I've won once in 11 years. Once. Maybe this year will be my lucky year... after all, Mizzou is always my team of choice, and this year they're actually really good!


  1. That is awesome, Beki!! I love it!

  2. You deserve to win a dinner of your choosing just for creating that!

  3. I LOVE it! What a beautiful work you have there. I'll take the MSU cookie, please :)


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