Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Cookie Pops

My good friend asked me if I would make some of these cookie pops for her family Easter gathering. I'm glad she did. I think these are so cute. I planned on using sprinkles and colored sugars, but I liked the plain icing ones so much better.

What You Need:
One Recipe Vanilla Sugar Cookies
One Recipe Royal Icing
Cookie Treat Sticks
Icing Colors (You could totally use the dropper grocery store ones for these colors!)
Decorating Bag(s) and Tip #1 or #2
Optional for Bouquet:
Styrofoam Disks
Dried Beans
Paper Shred
Flower Pot or Bucket
I don't have the best photos of this project. I apologize. I have been a little pressed for time.
But, I have complete tutorials already, if you're looking for the step-by-step:
How to Make a Cookie Bouquet
How to Make Cookie Pops
How to Add Chocolate (or other flavors) to Sugar Cookies

When you make cookie pops, remember that you need to roll the dough thicker than you normally would. I aim for about 1/2" thick. (Normally, I go about 1/4".)
This leaves room for the stick. Always twist the stick gently while you insert it into the cookie.
*Note: Unless you're using really small cookies, do not use lollipop sticks. As a general rule, they are too thin and will pop through the cookie when you try to hold it up. Be sure you have the Treat Sticks instead. (They're thicker.)

They take a little longer to bake, about 10-12 minutes instead of 8-10.

When they're totally cooled, decorate using royal icing. (See the Royal Icing recipe for info on making the icing the right consistency for "flooding" the cookies. I also have an Egg-free Icing recipe that you can try, but it does take a little bit longer to dry hard.)

I added all of these details while the icing was still wet. If you want the dots to sink into the icing, you need to add them right away.

If you use your 'outline' consistency, it will still be a little raised over the base icing, even if you add it while the icing is still wet.
I found that to do these spirals, it helped to lightly touch the tip to the surface of the wet icing... otherwise they lost their round edges, and I had a hard time keeping them as pretty.

I then bagged them up, using some ribbon to tie them... I like them. They're so soft and pastel... so not what my house full of boys is used to!

And speaking of my boys... I saved a few cookies for them to decorate, as well. So fun!

They're getting so creative these days.

I even made a few bunnies for them to decorate. You know, kids make beautiful cookies, no matter how imperfect they are!!

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  1. oof! I wish i can decorate cookies like you! These are so so cute and festive. Even though i'm bad with royal icing i gotta to try haha it's too cute not to ;) My friends and family are going to love it. thank you for sharing with us! I hope you will have a great day!


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