Friday, May 11, 2012

GIVEAWAY! Wilton Ultimate Trim-N-Turn Caddy (CLOSED)

Congratulations #17!! Stacy M. You win the carrier!!
Thank you to all who took the time to enter!!

Think this is just an ordinary cake carrier?? Oh no! I am so excited about this. I just got it from the FedEx man today, and I'm so excited about it, that I'm giving one away to one of you lucky people!

So, this "Ultimate Trim-N-Turn Caddy" is three awesome decorating 'must-haves' in one:

- It's a cake carrier.

- It's a raised TURNTABLE!! (That's right! It turns! And clicks sturdily into place!)

- It's a removable cake plate. (Yes, it's plastic, but still super cute!)
And yes, I realize it's May, and I'm showing you a fall cake on it, but work with me! I was excited! And it's the only fake cake I have decorated around here.

It would be PERFECT to bring your cakes to and from the next cake decorating class you take with me! (What? Not subtle enough for you?!)

Alrighty! Here's your how to enter and the fine print:

#1- Leave me a comment about your favorite birthday cake ever, whether you made it, Mom made it, you had it at the coolest birthday party ever, whatever.

#2- Let me know that you get my emails, or "like" me on Facebook, or are a "follower" of the blog.

#3- Share or link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (or all three), and let me know that you did so.

The Info:
This giveaway will be open until 6:00 am (Central Time) Wednesday, May 16, 2012.
I'm sorry, but it is only open to those U.S. Residents (because other countries have too many rules about giveaways) who are 18 years-old or older.
You must put your name (and email address) in your comments. I can't trace anonymous comments.
I will announce the winner - chosen by a 5-year-old pulling a number out of a hat - by noon the same day.

The Fine Print:
I bought this carrier myself, with my own money. No one gave me anything for this post.
The approximate retail value of the caddy is $69.99.

*Note: I can't respond to comments left so that I don't throw off the numbers. And it may sometimes take a while for your comments to appear. I promise to moderate them as quickly as possible.

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  1. Deanna
    my favorite cake was my cake last year! My 11 yr old daughter made it all by herself while I was gone at the winery with a bunch of friends. She had a decorated (drew) a bottle of wine on the top of the cake pouring wine (red) into a glass. It was an awesome surprise! And she even cleaned the kitchen and her dishes!!
    I love your blog and actually printed off your banana cake with chocolate frosting...I want Emma to make that for me this year! LOL
    Sooo, I would love to win as this week is Mothers Day and My Birthday : )

  2. I shared your post on facebook!
    Samantha Runge

  3. I like you on facebook!
    Samantha Runge

  4. What a cool carrier. I found your blog just a couple of dyas ago through Pinterest. I was looking for a recipe for Royal Icing and I found you! Your blog had a lot of great recipes, tips and tricks. Actually just picked up ingredients today to try my first batch of royal icing this weekend. I just started following your blog and Pinterest boards. I also liked your FB page. Thanks for this great

  5. My favorite is chocolate cake and my daughter makes me one every year for my birthday.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  6. like beki cook's cake blog on facebook-maria cantu

  7. My most favorite birthday cake was a Barbie Doll cake with a beautiful and frilly skirt! I could have one like this barbie cake every year.


    shared you on facebook

    and we have enjoyed your cakepop class!

  9. My favorite cake was from my 7th birthday, my mom is an amazing cake decorator and made me the most beautiful cake that looked like my Persian cat. I just remember how her blue eyes sparkled so bright on my cake. My mom did such and amazing job making the cat on the cake look like my kitty it was amazing.
    I love receiving your daily emails to see what amazing thing you have decided to share with us and u have posted your link to my FB status!!

  10. I'm not big on frosting, never have growing up my Mom made me an Angel Food cake every them!

  11. I just made an awesome cake for a 3 year old. Vanilla cake with your chocolate merengue for the filling. And the Wilton buttercream frosting for the icing. It was a yellow and red and black cake. It had a fondant black 3 in the middle as a car race track. It looked really cool.

  12. I already get your emails.

  13. I've just shared this link on FB. And I also liked it. Thank you.

  14. My favorite birthday cake ever is the cookie monster cake I made for a friend's 2 year old's birthday party. So much blue fur and a cookie!

  15. I follow you via FB (Ruth J.) and email.
    rutheadler at gmail dot com

  16. I posted on FB:
    rutheadler at gmail dot com

  17. My favorite birthday cake was my grandma's angel food. Mary V.

  18. I am a follower of your blog.

  19. My Dad was a cook in the National Guard and he always made yellow cake with an awesome chocolate frosting in one of the biggest pans I've ever seen when we would have family days at the armory. He's retired now, but I don't think I'll ever forget that cake!

  20. I follow your blog, I have you on my Flipboard on the iPad! Caitlin Kennedy

  21. My favorite birthday cake was when my mom made me a castle cake. She used sugar cones for turrets and made a grahm cracker drawbridge, with Lady Lovely Locks stepping out!

  22. I pinned this post on Pinterest!

  23. I don't have a single favorite birthday cake, but my mom made each of us a birthday cake every year on our birthday.

  24. Caroline Marin

    Honestly, I don't remember specifically my favorite BIRTHDAY cake. I just remember enjoying my birthdays and having cake. I have very much enjoyed making cakes for my boys, though, including my older son's Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee cupcake for his first birthday, which was poorly dyed green and left his fingers green for days!


    I get the emails - and utilize them!


    Facbook fan here!

  27. Emma made me the banana cake with chocolate buttercream frosting this year! My New Favorite! Pretty good for a 12 year old!! I love your blog and have shared your facebook link with many friends! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift of baking with us!
    Deanna Lewis...and Emma

    1. My favorite cake was the one I made for my daughters 14th birthday, it was a converse shoe! I love your facebook posts and pics and have shared your link too. Thanks!
      Nikki Kay

  28. My favorite cake comes from Keys in White Bear Lake. It's a double layer chocolate cake with buttercream icing. We had it for our wedding cake! It's the yummiest cake ever!