Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back-To-School Apple Cupcakes

My babies start Kindergarten this week. I am so nervous about sending them off to big, scary elementary school! But, I'm sending them with a couple of these wrapped up for their teachers... that ought to grease the wheels in their favor, right??

What You Need:
Red Sugar Sprinkles
Pretzel Sticks
Green Tootsie Rolls (or fondant)

To start, ice the cupcake smooth. I used an icing tip (#2A) first, just because I find it easier to get icing on a cupcake using a tip than a spatula or knife.

Note: I used homemade caramel apple cupcakes with caramel buttercream icing. (Recipe and link to come Monday.)
But even if you use a piping bag and a tip, be sure to smooth the icing before sprinkling it, or you'll have lines on your finished product.

Pour a thick pile of sugar sprinkles onto a paper plate. Dip the top of the cupcake into the sprinkles. (It may take a few dips to get it well-covered.)

You will need to then roll the sides around in the sprinkles as well, to get the entire top coated.

Make your leaves. I used green Tootsie Rolls, flattened 1/4 of each, shaped it with my fingers, and used the back side of a butter knife to make veins in the leaf. You could also use fondant and a leaf cutter.

Add a pretzel stick for a stem, and place the leaf on the cupcake.

I then wrapped two up for each of my boys for the first day of school. And two more for their teachers.

Good luck to my sweet boys in starting their adventures in elementary school!

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