Monday, February 11, 2013

100 Days of School Cookies

The 100th day of school means 100 cookies for the class.
That's what we did at our house this weekend, gearing up for the big day.

What You Need:
Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe
or Chocolate Sugar Cookie Recipe
Small round cookie cutter (I used the medium of this set.)
Royal Icing Recipe
FoodWriter or other edible ink markers

*Note: It took me a little more than one batch to get the 100 cookies plus the rectangles for the extra cookies. You may be able to eek out 100 from a single batch, but I recommend at least a 1 1/2 batch of either recipe, just so you have a few for the inevitable mess-ups along the way. (I did not make nearly enough backups, which meant I was a little crabby when they were careless... not enjoyable!)

I rolled, baked and iced the cookies while the boys were at day 98 of school.
(I iced them using Royal Icing, a little bit thicker than I usually flood with. You want the line to disappear in the count of 20 instead of 10. See more on Royal Icing Consistency Here.)

 Then, they wrote each number 1-100 on them with the edible ink markers.
We did 1-50 in Vanilla Sugar Cookies, and 50-100 in Chocolate Cookies.

Now, because I have twins, who are in two different classes at school, really I got to make 200 of these cookies, and they each also made two bigger cookies that said "100 School Days" for each of their teachers.
It was a labor of love, but for each of the 25 kids in their classes, they get 4 cookies each to celebrate the occasion!

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  1. Great idea to number the cookies -- and not just write 100 on it! I will have to remember this to use for counting practice for my boys.

  2. Does this mean you had to make 200 cookies? Sorry I hadn't read all of your blog yet. :) Maybe I could use it to count down the days of Christmas or the number of days Daddy is gone from home because of work. Good idea. I'd love to make things for my girls' classes also but the school has a no homemade goodies policy. Kind of sucks when you want to do something special for you kids on special days. Oh well. I just try to make things special in other ways. Like for my daughters 4th birthday I brought our dog in for show in tell as a surprise. She loved it.

  3. Yes, Stacy! 200!
    It's okay, they were easy... Except the helping with the numbers part.
    And I am lucky, my guys go to a charter school where we get a little more say in some things. Plus, I sent an email to all 50 parents and asked if it was okay to send the cookies home.


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