Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Wild About You" - Easy Monster Cake

How about a hairy, purple Monster to say I'm Wild About You, Valentine!?!
This cake is super easy! It took me less than an hour to decorate. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, whatever!

What You Need:
6-9" Round Cake (This was 6"x3")
2-4 cups of Buttercream Icing (depending on the size of your cake)
  Colors: Purple, Pink, Black (and white)
Decorating Bags & Tips #5, 12, 233

Ice the cake smooth, and start by adding white dots with Tip #12 for the eyes. (However many eyes you want.) Add the black mouth and eye spots with Tip #5. The tongue is made with another Tip #12 dot- in pink.

Then, it's a lot of repeating... Tip #233 "hair" all over. Always start with the tip touching the cake, and squeeze while you pull straight away from the cake.

I couldn't pass on taking this picture! I thought it was so adorable, the balding monster with mutton chops.

Once he is covered, finish it off with a message on the cake plate.

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  1. Hi Beki, cute cakes! I used some of your ideas to make a cake for my son's first birthday party, check out pics here:


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