Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fireworks Cookies - (If you squint)

You know, sometimes, things turn out great. Just like you plan. Perfect...

And sometimes they don't.

I don't hate the cookies, they just didn't turn out quite as well as the last time I made firework cookies:

See, I had these flower-shaped cookies leftover from a set of awesome peacock cookies I did last week. And I was sure that I could make some pretty great fireworks from them.

I wanted a more blue-grey background than all black. Mostly because of how messy black icing makes your mouth. But also because I felt like it was a little more 'dusky' for a fireworks show.

Then, my other colors just really didn't work out... and I just wasn't feeling it.

So, my 6-year-olds gave it their own try. I think I like these just as much. Next time, I'll just hand over the decorating duties to them!

Maybe I should stick with these Patriotic Cake Pops for the Fourth of July instead??

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